Dr. Murphy  has a well-deserved reputation for a meticulous approach to his surgeries; with careful and precise surgical techniques and individual surgical planning. He has extensive surgical experience allowing him to tailor his surgical recommendations to ensure the optimal result for each patient.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery can be a very complex and serious procedure. Dr. Murphy is highly experienced in performing spine surgery procedures and delivering the desired results. We understand how difficult it is to hear you need spinal surgery, so Dr. Murphy and his team pride themselves on providing you with the best care possible, offering a full range of treatments and procedures to address the symptoms and causes of spinal disorders. 

Spine surgery is the last resort for pain and disability caused by poorly functioning nerve roots, joints, muscles, or bones in the neck or back. Our goal is to deliver the operation you want with the best possible results.

Dr. Murphy has been responsible for countless successful procedures over the last 10 years and has built an excellent reputation based on his track record and dedication to achieving results.

Your care is our top priority.

Dr Murphy's Research Work

Dr. Murphy has published research in a number of international journals, and was honoured by the Society of British Neurosurgeons in 2010 for his work on Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Peri-Aneurysmal Environment. He is the only practising neurosurgeon in Ireland to have been fellowship trained in spinal neurosurgery in the United States of America. His work with Professor Neill Wright in St. Louis involved extensive exposure as a clinical spinal fellow to primarily craniocervical junction pathologies and subaxial cervical spine pathologies. 

Through working with Drs. Todd Stewart and Paul Santiago, his experience of the thoracic spine and lumbar spine was also increased. His area of interest includes all aspects of spinal conditions including degenerative, congenital, traumatic and tumour. 


As a medical consultant, an anaesthesiologist works hand in hand with a surgical consultant to ensure that a patient is asleep and stable while their surgical consultant focuses on what may be a highly complex surgical procedure.

Dr Martin Murphy