As a medical consultant, an anaesthesiologist works hand in hand with a surgical consultant to ensure that a patient is asleep and stable while their surgical consultant focuses on what may be a highly complex surgical procedure.


Before the surgery, the anaesthesiologist will see the patient to discuss their general health, as well as the type of surgery they are about to have. The anaesthesiologist will also explain how they will be able to assist in the procedure, or what complications might arise during or after it.

The anaesthesiologist will stay with their patient throughout the operation. Afterward, they will transfer their patient to the recovery ward, into the care of a specialist recovery nurse. The anaesthesiologist will also prescribe medications to control post-operative pain or nausea. A member of our team will be available 24/7 post-operatively, in case complications or problems arise after surgery.

We partner with Critical Care Partners who are a partnership of highly experienced, consultant physicians specialising in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Perioperative medicine (before, during and after an operation) in Ireland. 


Our team

Dr. Martin works with highly skilled anesthesiologists to provide an exceptional service.

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